vendredi 23 août 2013


Dear Music-Lovers, 

Welcome to OxyDuern Netlabel
We are really glad to have you here. 

This label has been created in 2011. It took sometime to put it on the tracks and to make it appear on the Web. 
It started like many other Netlabels with a page at Internet It first has been created to host some tracks I did a long time ago. Then it became a project to share and promote new materials from two artists, AirDuern and Legacy madnesS, thanks to new social media and new music hosting websites and, last but not least, Creative Commons. 

You can find Artists from the label on BandCamp. Dont forget to visit their Releases, they are listenable in Legal Streaming. 

Our objective is to do music for fun and to share it so people can enjoy it. 
Our label is working more like a community where we first share experience, feedbacks and skills.  

I hope you will like what you will find and hear. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think about it. 

Enjoy and...

Don't forget to breath, it means you're alive. ;-)

Licence Creative Commons

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